Ed Mellnik the Video Artist


Video Art took off in the late 60's with the availability of portable video equipment.

Some took to the streets to create gorilla T.V. others began to use it as a performance tool.

Video Synthesizers were used to bend and colorize black and white images.

Video Feedback was a technique that involved pointing a camera into a monitor displaying the cameras picture.

The results were liquid light effects.

When mixing this technique with other special effects a multitude of outcomes were availed.


From 1974 to the present, Video Artist Ed Mellnik has been on the cutting edge of electronic art. He has won numerous awards for his short works as well as having them shown around the world in museums and alternative spaces.

He has been awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Oregon Arts Commission.

Several short works have been broadcast on stations KQED in San Francisco as well as local TV stations.

Ed Mellnik is well known for his interactive as well as sculptural gallery installations.

With the availability of computer tools Mellnik has developed a rich knowledge of computer animation mainly using Lightwave 3D.

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Order a collection of Ed's work by contacting at emellnik@emavideo.com